Who am I?

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I am a stay at home mom, freelance writer, and Doctor Who enthusiast.  A Whovian is a Doctor Who fan, and a Hooligan is a hard core fan, thus the name, “Doctor Whooligans” proudly proclaiming we are hard core Doctor Who fans.   I have had the pleasure of meeting three of the Doctors:  Mr. Davison, Mr. C. Baker, and Mr. McGann, and multiple companions, as well as others associated with the show.  Conventions are an excellent opportunity to get to know other fans, actors,  people involved with the show, and Whooligan community, and I have used  my experiences to help me better understand this long running science fiction show.

Throughout all of time and space, we have long been comforted by an overtly alien Time Lord named The Doctor. Join us as we explore the world of Time Lords, time travel, and imaginative ideas that create the masterpiece that has become the global phenomenon known as “Doctor Who.”